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Digital Strategy: There is no such thing as an analogue business

Good digital strategies enable businesses to make bold but calculated bets, carve out new opportunities to experiment with new digital offerings, implement a customer centric approach through design thinking, stand up new technologies and establish new ways of working.

"There is no such thing as “digital” and “analogue” businesses now - just those that use technology well, and those that don’t."

The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital technology to an extent that could not have been predicted. British supermarkets experienced a 91% jump in sales for home delivery, Zoom became the top offering in Apple’s App Store, and Microsoft experienced a staggering 775% increase in cloud services such as Microsoft Teams. There is no such thing as “digital” and “analogue” businesses now - just those that use technology well, and those that don’t.

This is a good thing. Technology can bring huge benefits, and enable businesses to operate at a speed and agility they would not have previously been possible. One of the biggest factors that differentiated businesses in this crisis was their ability to be quick off the mark in setting and executing their digital strategy, as well as the ability to adjust and adapt as the situation demands. Everyone should now be better prepared should something similar happen again.

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Nishant Parekh

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"It is hard to predict when the current crisis will truly be over, however, businesses who prepare for the post digital era today will give themselves the greatest chance to thrive and overcome future crises. For many businesses, this will mean establishing the right digital foundations - technology, agile working practices, “user-first” concepts such as design thinking and customer experience design - that will enable them to adapt in the short term, and accelerate in the longer term."

Nishant Parekh, Consultant

Nishant Parekh


Nishant is an experienced consulting practitioner specialising in the Energy and Retail sector. Nishant has held a range of successful consulting and delivery roles encompassing large transformations, technology advisory and business strategy.

Prior to Oaklin, Nishant worked within Accenture's Resources Practice for 7.5 years where he helped large Oil Majors shape and execute their digital agenda