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Curious about DevOps?

If you are interested in how DevOps can help your business deliver better and faster change, you are not alone. Oaklin’s Chris Tuck discusses what DevOps is, why it’s worth attention, and the top tips to getting it right.

"In simple terms, DevOps is a way of working. It is a metaphor for breaking down the ‘wall that exists between software development and operations teams. That is, the imaginary ‘wall’ that programmes have traditionally thrown developed product over for operations teams to support."

Let’s face it, DevOps sounds like another buzzword that people have been talking about, alongside Agile, Lean, APIs, Microservices, IoT, Blockchain, Cloud, ‘Things-as-a-Service’, and wider Digital Transformation.

However, the benefits of DevOps are tempting and the evidence is persuasive, backed-up by numerous case studies featuring: improved customer and employee experience; reduced expenditure (Capex/Opex); faster route to market for software products; and fundamentally, organisational success. More than a buzzword, DevOps has been gathering
momentum with many organisations adopting its methods to positive effect.

This year’s DevOps Enterprise Summit in London moved beyond the topic of ‘how to start’ to ‘how to progress to the next phase’ of DevOps. However, if you have not experimented with DevOps yet, and are interested to understand how it can be applied in your business and what value it will add, Oaklin can help.

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