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Ideas are the currency of innovation.

The world is constantly evolving. Whether it is new technology, new regulations, political pressures or fast changing markets, businesses and organisations must innovate to stay relevant, to adapt to volatility, and to keep ahead of their competition.

Create bold ideas to navigate uncertainty.

At Oaklin we are bright sparks who make it our business to keep our client’s thinking at the edge of innovation.  We use established “design thinking” methods to help our clients get to the root of their problems, to find bold ideas for fresh solutions, and to unlock sustained value.

We want to harness your organisation’s passion and translate it into great ideas, helping those who may not see themselves as innovators to reveal that we all have the potential and ability.

We also have a bias for doing. Ideas are only valuable when they can be successfully translated into enduring improvement and advantage. 

Ideas, successfully applied.

We know one size doesn’t fit all so we have developed a number of mechanisms to answer your different innovation challenges.

1. Innovation ‘Trebuchet’

Are you a business leader who wants to rapidly explore a problem area, opportunity or challenge?

If so, we’d love to host you in our central London offices for our innovation ‘Trebuchet’.  It’s a hands-on, pacy afternoon workshop which employs the essence of design thinking. Explore your challenges, generate ideas, identify opportunities, and prototype a way forward. 

We invented our trebuchet to offer business leaders a dynamic and thought-provoking springboard to define and propel powerful ideas that you can take forward.

2. Innovation Culture

Are you looking to change your organisation rather than solve a problem? Trebuchet is a fantastic tool for immediate problems but if you’re looking to shift your definition of innovation across the whole organisation and embrace change, the Oaklin Innovation team can help bring about something more widespread, more behavioural, and more cultural.

We have a menu of advice, best practice, tools and communications that will help your people to get excited about new thinking and to feel part of it.  Over a period of time we can deliver this menu to dispel reservation and encourage your people to do Innovation.

3. Innovation ‘Engine’

Does your organisation lack cutting edge ideas? Are your competitors rolling out products better than yours, faster than you can? Do you need a Centre of Excellence to drive innovation and competitive market thinking?

At Oaklin, we have helped clients build Innovation Centres of Excellence that become the driving force of new ideas, new products and new offers. A source of competitive advantage in a dynamic and changing world.

We will work alongside you to establish an Innovation Centre of Excellence which will be the driving force of new ideas in your organisation. The Engine will be a broad and skilled team who engage your business units to run focused campaigns exploring your most pressing problems and developing the boldest solutions.

Case Study

Advising on how best to bring together a multi-supplier IT services eco-system

Oaklin advised and assisted a FTSE100 leadership team on how to bring together a multi-supplier IT services eco-system into a single service-providing team. It necessitated bringing separate entities and internal business units together in over 170 locations in each major geography in the world.

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Curious to learn more? 

We’d love to discuss how we can help deliver your innovation agenda so please get in touch.

Steve Girdler


Steve is an experienced consultant and is excited to help clients tackle the increasingly complex set of challenges they face. He sees necessity of innovation and transformation in order to develop novel solutions to the unprecedented problems we now face. He has 15 years’ consulting experience across energy, financial services and the public sector and has worked on projects covering customer remediations, business design, change management, cybersecurity, innovation, talent management, and integrations and divestments.

Gabriela Secova


Gabriela employs her strong interpersonal, analytical and organisational skills to solve problems and achieve tangible results. Her most recent roles at Oaklin have included work in the operations team (Marketing, Finance), knowledge management and innovation.

Gabriela joined us after graduating from an MA in arts and cultural management at King’s College London. She has experience across communications, arts and the charity sector, and is very adaptable to a wide range of stakeholders and environments.

Joe Thomas


Joe is a management consultant with a proven record delivering digital transformation alongside clients in the private and public sector.

He is passionate about leveraging innovate solutions to generate growth, weather uncertainty and solve business challenges. Joe enjoys writing thought leadership papers, looking to explore sustainable business solutions via new technologies.