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Inclusion & Diversity

Inclusion is such an important part of who we are and how we work that we made it one of our four core values. We believe diversity should be celebrated and want everyone to feel welcome at Oaklin and to take pride in how they contribute to our success.

Inclusion in action

Everyone at Oaklin is committed to applying inclusion and diversity to everything we do. Our Inclusion & Diversity Working Group regularly explores how we can continue to push ourselves to bring inclusion and diversity to life. The group manages a range of activities from reviewing employee benefits to looking for unintended bias in messaging to planning events that celebrate diversity.

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Oaklin truly places inclusion and diversity at the heart of everything we do and this stems from the partners down. We acknowledge that only in such an environment will our people be at their best at home and at work. Client work can often be overwhelming, but I know that in Oaklin I can always raise my hand for help without fear of reprisal or recrimination. This is truly refreshing compared to the mentality I have seen in other organisations, where Inclusion and Diversity is often treated as a PR exercise.

Jamie Mason, Consultant

Open discussions

At Oaklin, we work without titles. Our flat structure allows us to function as a team that values everyone’s ideas – without the boundaries created by hierarchy. Everyone is encouraged to help Oaklin grow and thrive, regardless of their role. This has led to the creation of internal initiatives that people are passionate about.

Our People

“I have never worked anywhere where you can take part in such a diverse range of activities together, where everyone is so genuinely interested in each other’s thoughts and experiences.”

Claudia Dilley, People Manager

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Our I&D viewpoint

We believe that diversity should be celebrated. At Oaklin, we understand the challenges of being a minority in the workplace and we ensure that differences are welcomed, accommodated, and not hidden away. This document highlights how we are achieving this and our aspirations moving forward.

Learn more about our commitment to inclusiveness and diversity by reading our I&D viewpoint.

I&D viewpoint

Opportunities at Oaklin

Interested in joining a team with inclusion at its core? Explore the opportunities available at Oaklin.

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