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For us digital transformation really means ‘how can my business use this new wave of digital technology to improve the way we interact with our customers, and enable our people?’

At the core of Oaklin’s work with some of the UK’s leading organisation lies two people-centred propositions – using technology to help organisations to transform the way their people work (Transforming Work) and helping organisations to transform the way they interact with their customers (Embedding customer-centricity).

Read more about both below, and feel free to get in touch if you'd like to speak to a digital transformation expert.

Transforming work

A revolution is underway in the workplace and a credible hybrid working strategy is more important than ever.
We can help you find and implement the right solutions that not only drive increased productivity and retention, but also use new technologies to leverage the growing volume of digital information to create the emerging ‘human plus’ workforce.

Our approach

We support businesses by using all of our capabilities to define a credible, robust hybrid working strategy and then lead its execution using an incremental, agile framework.

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Embedding customer centricity

This is the age of the customer. Customer expectations, choice and power have never been greater. If brands and organisations fail to meet these expectations, they risk being left behind. But meeting these demands and delivering relevant, seamless, personalised experiences is proving more difficult than ever.

Our approach

Our end-to-end service design approach starts with what our clients are trying to achieve. We then work collaboratively, putting our client’s customers at the centre of the design process and focus on the rapid delivery of value.
The empathise, envision and experiment stages feature rapid iteration. We form hypotheses and constantly test them to define the overall solution blueprint and target areas to deliver this change.

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