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Business architecture

You would never start a construction project without first creating a blueprint for the building, so why should an organisation be any different? 


Architecture is about defining how an organisation needs to look if it is to achieve its strategy. This should include everything from its capabilities, people, and skillsets, to the technologies, processes and governance required to be succesful. In this way, a clear blueprint is an essential pre-requisite for any transformation agenda, because it determines what projects are required and how they contribute to the overarching strategy.

Our experienced consultants help clients to design and maintain a blueprint for the future, enabling them to remain agile as they continue to evolve their organisation.

Case Study

Using Architecture to transform a retail business

Enabling the launch of a growth programme for a pan-Canadian retailer, Oaklin was asked to build consensus across the Executive Leadership Team to align their strategic plans for the next three years. This involved building a growth programme to better realise opportunities in a growing market.


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"In challenging us to translate our strategy into an Architectural Blueprint, the Oaklin team have enabled us to see the implications of it on our business and market. We are much further forwards on a transformation as a result - great work!"

Chief Commercial Office, Media Sector

Thierno Barry

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"As organisations struggle to adapt and to disrupt, Architecture is proving its value as the practice area which connects rapid and complex change to the evolving vision of the business. Similar to constructing a building, architecture maps how everything within a business will work together, ratifying investments and ensuring that there is a shared understanding of where the business is going, and what it's doing to get there."

Thierno Barry, Consultant

Thierno Barry


Thierno is an experienced management consultant with a deep understanding of strategy, architecture and business improvement. He has led multiple cross-functional transformation programmes for medium to large scale organisations. His expertise extends from the definition of an organisation’s vision to the design and implementation of complex business and IT change. Having worked across an array of sectors and geographies, Thierno has developed a collaborative and fact-based approach to engagements that he will tailor to meet the client’s specific needs.