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Continuously improving.

There are always opportunities to improve. Even when an organisation is running in a stable state, there will always be potential to optimise performance and improve efficiency. Our business improvement approach relies on scientific method and data analytics to design non-capital intensive initiatives, to bring about ongoing improvements and efficiencies.

Incremental change realised, over time, can be just as effective at driving competitive advantage as large scale transformation. Wherever possible we design our business improvements initiatives in a way that instils a self-sustaining culture of continuous improvement. Change is the new normal and with our help, organisations can fully embrace continuous improvement.

Within Oaklin

We practice what we preach

We encourage all of our Consultants to strive to improve how we operationally run Oaklin. All of our internal operations are managed using agile principles, encouraging deeper engagement and retrospectives on performance. All of our people are expected to contribute new ideas to improve our operational efficiency and rewarded for making a meaningful impact for how the business runs. We foster an environment where anyone can speak up and nothing is out of bounds for revision and improvement.

Business Improvement

Case Study

Harnessing data to drive £20m of in-year savings

A major building products supplier was looking to achieve sustainable performance improvements using its existing data assets but did not know where to start. Oaklin was engaged to develop a data analytics strategy, roadmap, implementation plan, and associated business case.

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Alex Lee


Alex is an Oaklin Consultant with experience leading engagements across the programme lifecycle. His specialisms include business improvement, strategy, architecture, and operational turnaround. Expert in forming and translating strategic visions into actionable improvements and driving increased business performance, he brings clarity, insight, and results for leaders in time of need.

Often found in high pressure and complex environments, Alex loves using qualitative and quantitative data to illustrate insights and inspire action across businesses. He has worked in both the private and public sectors, delivering lasting change across multiple industries, and is known for his affable and pragmatic style. Alex holds a degree in Chemistry from the University of Leeds and graduated top of his MSc class at Cranfield University in Clinical Research Management.

Peter Wood


Peter is an Oaklin Consultant and experienced programme manager. His background is in the healthcare and life sciences industry where for over 5 years he delivered change and transformation programmes across multiple health organisations. His experiences range from operations management and improvement through to national strategy and policy formulation. Peter prides himself on using creativity and insight to design and implement practical, evidence-based solutions which deliver real and sustainable change for organisations. He brings a pragmatic and tailored approach to projects and works collaboratively with stakeholders to deliver outcomes