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When designing buildings, architects take the overarching vision, budget and scope for the construction into consideration, creating a design showing how it will look, how it will be built and how it will operate when completed. The same must be true for creating or changing modern, complex organisations. Oaklin uses established capabilities to link the strategy of an organisation, with a design for how that change can be brought about and what it will deliver when completed.

Change is not universally welcomed by those who will be affected. Understandably, it is often a source of anxiety and stress, which frequently leads to unwillingness or even resistance to adopting change even when obviously beneficial to the organisation. Anticipating this fear and opposition is part of good change design. With careful planning, clear and empathetic communication and an effective change management approach, change can be widely embraced rather than resisted.

Finding the right partners

Sourcing and procurement are also central to successful change design. If you are not going to build something yourself, you may just want to buy it, either as a commodity or as a service. At Oaklin we help clients move away from lengthy, bureaucratic processes typically punctuated by RFIs, RFPs and lengthy contractual negotiations, that ultimately don’t produce an outcome that fits the business outcome sought.

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Case Study

Establishing a joint venture

A client with international operations was struggling to make progress with establishing a new joint venture. Particular sticking points included designing the shareholder agreement and aligning expectations for the operational design of the new entity. Oaklin was engaged to align a disparate shareholder group around a common commercial model, and to also lead the planning and design phases of the new business. This was done whilst minimising upfront capital expenditure.

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Catriona Young


Catriona is a project and change management professional who is known for building strong client relationships. Catriona has led and supported programmes of work across the public and private sectors, and has experience of all stages of the project lifecycle from inception through to delivery, working with clients to deliver strategic outcomes, including revenue-growth, process-optimisation and benefits realisation.

Catriona joined Oaklin from EY, is a graduate of the TeachFirst Programme, and has a BSc in Human Biology from the University of St Andrews. Despite living in London, Catriona is happiest wearing wellies in the country, a remnant of growing up in rural Scotland.

Simon Mould

Associate Partner

Simon is a highly experienced Programme Manager and Business Architect, who understands how to align an organisation’s strategic vision and needs with business and technology solutions into a transformation strategy.  This is supported by a desire to organise, deliver and lead subsequent change programmes.

He is a proven digital business transformation leader, working across a variety of sectors, renowned for his ability to motivate and support diverse teams to deliver sustainable results.