James Naish

James is an Oaklin Consultant with experience gained across a broad range of industries including financial services, government, utilities and resources. He was previously part of Accenture’s CRM practice and has also worked for a boutique market research company.

James brings a measured and forward-thinking approach to business, balancing this with an analytical mind-set and strong communication skills. Recent projects include designing and implementing a new customer on-boarding experience for a FTSE 250 bank; overseeing the delivery of an innovative mobile payment product to 500,000 UK customers of a FTSE 100 company; and establishing a delivery office for a SE European government.

When he isn’t travelling between London, Sheffield and Nottinghamshire (a long story), James spends most of his spare time trying (and failing) to restore a terraced house in Sheffield. As the son of a builder, he has no excuses for his ineptitude.