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At Oaklin, providing Insights for our clients is a key part of the value we bring. If you would like to discuss any of these in more detail please get in touch. 

How to truly put the customer first in 2018: Shaping a CRM-led business strategy

In a world where personalisation, content and automation are key, Oaklin’s James Naish identifies seven factors to consider when shaping a business strategy in order to meet the demands of twenty-first-century consumers.

Effective Post-Merger Integration: Setting your merger up for success

With up to 90% of mergers falling short at the integration stage, Oaklin Partner Danny Kelly examines where businesses typically go wrong and what can be done to ensure that mergers create, rather than destroy, value.

Making Agile Work

Oaklin Associate Partner James Evans delivers a pragmatic assessment of the benefits, considerations and success factors associated with implementing Agile.

Redefining IT in the age of digital disruption

Oaklin Associate Partner Ben Parsons examines the vital role that IT organisations play in enabling businesses not only to survive, but to flourish.

Delivery Assurance

Why do many organisations continue to struggle to deliver projects? Oaklin's delivery assurance insight puts forward our views about what goes wrong and our ideas about how we are often able to help.

Five steps to successful ERP

ERP transformation: insurmountable hurdle or essential step to a modern and efficient business? Oaklin Partner Danny Kelly shares our experiences on what it takes to make an ERP programme successful.

Successful Omni-Channel Retail

As the retail industry strives to achieve the much hyped "omni-channel" offering to customers , Oaklin Partner James Ball takes stock of recent progress and asks what it takes to make omni-channel work.


GDPR is here. Oaklin provides some pragmatic advice on how to prepare for it and how to approach continued compliance.

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Digital Platform Remediation

Oaklin’s guide to solving the most common mistakes on digital platforming projects … without having to start from scratch.


In a world where gamification has been supplanted by other business trends, Oaklin’s James Naish examines what value can be delivered by ‘grown-up’ gamification and what benefits, if any, are still to be realised.

Data Analytics

Data empowerment or data overload? Oaklin’s Alex Walsh sheds light on how mastering data and using it as a fundamental driver in business decision making can deliver step changes in business performance.

Digital Transformation

Keeping pace with the digital revolution involves more than just technology. Oaklin’s James Naish presents a guide to navigating the complex landscape of digital transformation, prioritising goals and preparing employees for the journey.

Curious about DevOps?

Oaklin's Chris Tuck introduces the topic, the value it can bring to organisations, and shares five tips for getting it right.